Most of the images on this website are old stock, long since sold, just examples of my work. However, some of the more recent cavasses and a few of the rock paintings are still available, and I do paint on commission. If you would like me to paint something specific for you, please use my email contact below.

Hi, I'm Shelley Penner! I love art, photography, creative writing and creativity of any kind.

My life is a journey to reconnect with the Divine through my own creative explorations and discoveries. In a very real way, creativity is my religion, my method of worship, my way of exploring the Great Mystery and my way of communing with the Creative Energies.

Born in Mefort, Saskatchewan in 1952

· Grew up on army bases across Canada, moving often

· Loved creating from an early age and spent hours drawing

· Entered Visual and Performing Arts program at Ladner Secondary School

· Graduated from final year of high school at Langley Secondary in 1970

· Worked for Canada Post in Langley, then transferred to Port Alberni office in 1974

· 1976 – enrolled in the Vancouver School of Art, which later became Emily Carr College of Art. Dropped out after two years, disappointed in the abstract, modernistic nature of the instruction, and returned to Port Alberni.

· 1982 to 1985 – joined the Federation of Canadian Artists and took their wonderful weeklong workshops on Saltspring Island, learning from working artists who taught practical skills and techniques. Learned more in one week than in two years at art school.

· Taught classes in Drawing and Watercolors for Parks and Recreation for 21 years

· Worked at the Windfish Gallery for several years as a picture framer

· 1988 – won an Award of Merit at the B.C. Festival of the Arts, Pacific Region Juried Art Show of Fine Arts for the watercolor ‘River Drifting’.

· Financial circumstances caused a shift from watercolors to acrylic on stone plaques, which has generated a steady, bread-and-butter income for many years, selling at rock-and-gem shows and craft fairs.

· A wonderful gift from a friend inspired me to try painting on canvas. Seeking the soft spontaneity of watercolor, I tried my hand at airbrushing and fell instantly in love, and now most of my canvasses begin with an airbrushed background.

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