Apophysis is a program originally created by Mark Townsend, who says he gives it away for free because he wants to promote the creation of beauty. Each time you open the program, it generates a range of new equations called 'flames'. So the fractals you create in this program are completely unique to you and have quite a different appearance from Ultra Fractal. In many of these images I have added a Flood filter for a watery reflection.

Magnificent Patterns

Boudica's House

Boudica's Bodice

Boudica's Fan

Boudica's Elegance

A Graceful Discipline

Cinderella's Fan

Cindy's Butterfly

Moonlight Magic

The Elephant's Eye

Blue Fox

Decaying Basket

Apo Basket

Woven Wheat

Challenge Tweak


Grape Leaves


Hot Air Balloon

Feathered Wheel

Celtic Cross

Apophysis Angel

Blue Curl

Blue Eyes