Macro is one of my favorite genres of photography. I love getting down close and photographing the details of a small world most of us never even notice. I particularly love to photograph Nature's Jewelry, the dew, raindrops, frost and the laciness of decay.

Nature's Jewelry

Floating Dew Drops

Raindrops on Grass

Nature's Pearls

Dew on a Hairy Weed

Dew on a Feather

Frost Feathers

Frosty Wings

Angel Wings on Weeds

Frost Feathers 2

Frosty Lace

Frosty Web

Icicle Bells -- or -- Frozen Noses

Leaf Lace

Dewy Spheres

Dew on Grass Spider Webs

Dewy Fern

Crystal Reflections

Nature's Jewelry 2

Glass Beads


Beads on Pink

Weeping Web

Beads in the Grass

Water Globes

Dew on Queen Anne's Lace

Nature's Jewel Box

Nature's Decoration

Raindrop Abstract

Chain-link Deco

Foggy, Foggy Dew