Macro is one of my favorite genres of photography. I love getting down close and photographing the details of a small world most of us never even notice. I particularly love to photograph Nature's Jewelry, the dew, raindrops, frost and the laciness of decay.

Nature's Jewelry

Floating Dew Drops

Raindrops on Grass

Nature's Pearls

Dew on a Hairy Weed

Dew on a Feather

Frost Feathers

Frosty Wings

Angel Wings on Weeds

Frost Feathers 2

Frosty Lace

Frosty Web

Icicle Bells -- or -- Frozen Noses

Leaf Lace

Dewy Spheres

Dew on Grass Spider Webs

Dewy Fern

Crystal Reflections

Nature's Jewelry 2

Glass Beads


Beads on Pink

Weeping Web

Beads in the Grass

Water Globes

Dew on Queen Anne's Lace

Nature's Jewel Box

Nature's Decoration

Pearls on Thorns

More Pearls

Raindrop Abstract

Chain-link Deco

Foggy, Foggy Dew