Spiders and Insects

The world of insects is amazing in its variety of colors, shapes and species, and at times can be quite dramatic.

Anise Swallowtail

Chrysalis of Anise Swallowtail

Ant Trying to Harvest a Longhorn Beetle

Beautiful Bee

Ladybug Nymph Eating Apids

Ant with Ladybug Nymphs. Ants cultivate aphids and milk them for honeydew, so this ant is likely trying to discourage the ladybug nymph from eating them.

Ants Attacking Caterpillar

Bee in Pink Flowers

Blue and Green Dragonfly

Cedar Hairstreak

Branded Skipper -- oddly iridescent blue

Branded Skipper -- Perhaps the blue iridescence is from the flowers it's been feeding on, because it is not the normal color for this species.

Cardinal Meadowhawk

Crab Spider on Candystick

Claudius Parnassian Butterfly

Skipper Butterfly Captured by a Crab Spider

A Face only a Mother Could Love -- small fly species


Wee Jumping Spider

A Perfect Heart -- Damselflies

Eight-spot Dragonfly

Eight-spot Dragonfly 2

Bug Wars -- Episyron Wasp with paralyzed Orb Spider

Buprespid Beetle -- a wood borer

A Golden Female Dragonfly

Hover -- a Blue Darner Dragonfly

Grasshopper on Apple Tree

Grey Hairstreak Butterfly

Horned Spanworm Moth

Sweat Fly on Tansy

Longhorn Beetles

The Biggest, Ugliest Fly I Have Ever Seen

Klamath Beetle About to Take Flight

Ladybug Eating an Aphid

Milbert's Tortoiseshell

Lophocampa Immaculata

Lorquin's Admiral

Alpine Coppers

Northern Frittilary Showing Under Wings

Northern Frittilary on Douglas Aster

An odd, unidentified fly with a flattened abdomen

A Millipede Attacking an Earthworm

Lophocampa Roseate

Vampire Moth?

Flies feeding on the remains of a Prometheus Moth

Pacific Frittilary

Painted Lady Butterfly

Pale Swallowtail

Sara Orangetip Butterfly

Pink-edged Sulphur Butterfly

Skipper Butterfly

Cute Face -- Skipper Butterfly

Ichneumon Wasp

Sharing a Flower With a Friend

Snake Fly

Snake Fly 2

Mating Dance

Spider With Fly

Curious Spider

Jumping Spider 2

Spring Azure Butterfly

Sweetheart Underwing Moth

My Flower! -- Anise Swallowtails

Claudius Parnassian butterfly sharing with a bee.

Unknown Moth on Japanese Maple

Another Unknown Moth on Japanese Maple

Weevil on Daisy

Western Swallowtail

Yellow Crab Spider

Pine Elfin Butterfly