I am not one for taking family snapshots, but occasionally I see people doing something photogenic or acting in some interesting way, and once in a while I like to try a portrait or two.

The Flower Girls

Just a Few Tears


My Beautiful Sister

The Tea Seller -- Bethlehem Walk

Community Piano

By George!

"I reached for the stars . . . I missed . . . so I accepted the sky." Scott Fortini

Girl Wading

Pretty Girl with Feather

The Captain and His Lady


Feeding the Birds

Relaxing on the Beach

Flower Picker

"The larger the island of knowledge, the longer the shoreline of wonder." Ralph Sockman

The Blacksmith



Just Fiddling Around

Men in Black

Walking on the Sky

Picnic Lunch

Is That So?

Making a New Friend

Kayak Surfing

Playing Along

Precious Light

Ucluelet Hatchery Waterfall

Girl Meets Octopus

Cello Accompaniment

Mounties on Parade

Naval Cadets in Parade

Watching the Parade

Lap Dog

Celtic Music Festival