Wildlife Animals

It always feels like an honor and a privilege to share the landscape with wildlife. Much of Vancouver Island remains wild, home for deer, Roosevelt Elk, wolves, cougars, black bears and even a few rare grizzlies that swim across from the mainland. Smaller animals include squirrels, introduced rabbits that have spread rapidly, beaver and muskrats, mice, rats and shrews.

White-footed Mouse

Black Bear in a Tree

Chipmunk on a Stump

Chipmunk in Dappled Sun

Coming Aboard, Permission or Not

Please, Don't Fart

Crab Convention

Curious Beaver

Long-eared Bat



Opalescent Nudibranch (Sea Slug)

Raccoons Foraging Together

Raccoons Foraging Together 2

A Wary Encounter

Hey, this is my patch. Get lost!

Awe, come on, girl, we can share.

Starting a New Generation

Ouch! My dinner is pinching my nose!

Raccoon Portrait

Raccoon Reflections

River Otters

Walking the Boom

Mink at Robertson Creek Fish Hatchery

Enjoying a Little Snack

Sea Lions

Three Fawns

Talking with His Mouth Full

Two Part Harmony

Trumpet Scale Worms

Trumpet Scale Worms 2

Trumpet Scale Worms 3

Trumpet Scale Worms 4

Pair of Bears

Young White-footed Mouse

Raccoon in Early Morning Light

Three Raccoons in a Tree

Garter Snake

Garter Snake 2


Alligator Lizard

Pacific Tree Frog

Orange and Green Pacific Tree Frog


Sea Lion Feeding on Chum Salmon

Black Bears of the Rainforest

Mom and Cub

Looking for Fish

Black Bears of the Rainforest 2

River Otters


Black Bear Mom and Cub

Salmon Jumping Stamp Falls

Beaver Portrait

Cute Rabbit

Western Red Squirrel

Deer Portrait

Places to Go, Things to Do

Black Bear Portrait

Black Rat

Curious River Otter

River Otter Portrait

Baby Bunny