Rock Paintings

These slabs of stone get cut with a diamond saw, like slicing bread. Whenever I see a landscape in the stone, I feel compelled to paint an animal or bird into that setting. I paint only the birds or animals and sometimes a shadow or reflection. Everything else is native to the stone. I finish each painting with a spray-on lacquer, which brings out the colors of the stones and protects the paint. Then I attach a hanger to the back of each piece with industrial strength jeweler's glue so they can hang on the wall like a plaque.

Me demonstrating at a rock-and-gem show.

Black Bear on Rhodonite

Whitetail Deer on Banded Jasper

Rabbit on Quartz (white) and Epidote (green)

Red-eyed Tree Frog on Petrified Wood

Raccoon on Conglomerate

Young Fox on Agate

Red Fox on Gordonite

Killdeer on Jasper

Timber Wolf on Jasper

Great Blue Heron on Jasper

Cedar Waxwings on Sandstone

Flicker on Pinolite

Barred Owl on Pinolite

Elk on Banded Jasper

Wolf on Picture Jasper

Whitetail Deer on Chrome Oxide

Grizzly Bear on Red Jasper with Green Agate

American Goldfinch on Picture Jasper

Ruffed Grouse Female on Polka-dot Agate

Whitetail Doe and Yearling on Rhodonite

American Robin on Jasper-Agate

Wood Frog on Agate

Rabbit on Rhodonite

Moose on Purple Agate

Pileated Woodpecker on Verde Antique Marble

Snowy Owl on Blue Crystalized Marble

Snowy Owl on Brazilian Agate

Great Horned Owl on Verde Antique Mable

Sea Otters on Amazonite