Acrylics on Canvas


Screech Owl

Forest Floor


Trillium Grove

Lugrin Creek

Fairy Slipper

Semi-palmated Plover on Seaweed

Saw-whet Owl

Ark of the Woods



The Trickster

Rock Cod

McLean's Mill Wreck

Barred Owl

Mother Nature's Deluxe Mattress

Great Horned Owl

Steller's Jay

Frozen Crossing

Red-breasted Sapsucker

Grey Ghost of the North

Who's Afraid of the Chevy Monster

Luck in the Mouth of the Dragon

Autumn Steller's Jay

River Guardians

If you look closely at this painting, you will find six river guardians: otter, eagle, cougar, sasquatch, owl and salmon. With a little imagination, you might even be able to find more.

Dawn by the Riverside

Mother Earth: Sowing the Seeds of Life