Ultra Fractal

Ultra Fractal is a powerful program where you can work with equations created by mathematicians, applying various algorithms and gradients to get different results. The explanation sounds technical, but it's really just a matter of clicking on a list of options until you get an image you like. You can zoom deeper and deeper into the details, isolating sections you particularly like. You can try different color gradients, you can combine images on layers and use different merge options for a variety of effects.

Lambda Flower

Lambda Flower 2

Lambda Flower 3

Lambda Flower 4

Lambda Flower 5

Magic Spell


Fillaree 2

Fillaree 3

Fillaree 4

Fillaree 5

Fillaree 6

Fillaree 7


Heart Bridge

Heart Bridge 2

Metal Rainbows

Metal Rainbows 2

String Theory


Orchid 1

Orchid 2

Orchid 3

Orchid 4

Taj Ma Garden