Nature's Abstracts

Nature is full of amazing abstract designs, especially in the small details.

Sunlight and Shadow on Arbutus Limbs

The Flower within the Flower

Orange and Black

Daisy Center Crown


Burgandy with Gold Lines

Frost on Car Window

Rock Lichen in Bloom

Center Stage

Dew on Nasturtium


Begonia Center

Frost on Weed

Shelf Fungus

Gooseneck Barnacles

Hair Ice Ballet

Edge of Ice

Puddle Ice Abstract

Ice Hieroglyphs

Bark Rosette

Freeze Patterns

Ice on Autumn Leaves

Barnacles on Rock

Golden Leaf Fall Pattern

Worm Patterns on Bark

Worm Patterns on Tree

Burls on a Log

Seed Umbels

Worm Patterns on a Log

Leaf Lace

Pickle People

Pink Flower Center

Peony Abstract

Pink Fountain

Yellow Center Frill

Red Leaf in Ice with Snowflakes

Sand on Seaweed

The Claw

Spirit in the Wood

Weathered Limestone

Pile of Seaweeds

Water Like Silk

Stain Patterns on Log

Beach Abstract

Puddle Ice Abstract

Grass Design

Fractal Spiral

Autumn Bokeh

Bad Hair Day

Fractal Feather Pattern

Cool , Spooky Tree

Fern Reflections

Sunlight Through Frosty Salal

Frosty Web

Frost on Maple Leaf

Driftwood Creature

Frosty Leaves